Individuals who have successfully passed the TMRF, TCRG and/or ADCRG examination given by CLRG and who reside in North or South America are eligible for membership in IDTANA.

Eligible individuals should initially contact their region for membership information.

Once registering with IDTANA, members must maintain membership with CLRG, IDTANA, and their applicable region. 


ASURINT Background Screening

It is a requirement of the CLRG Vetting Policy that all teachers MUST have the proper Vetting Disclosure (Clearance) to register as a teacher/adjudicator. This will be verified by the production of the relevant Vetting reference number at the time of registration.

The On-line Portal address is: https://idtana.asurint.com

  • The Background Screening / Vetting Disclosure (Clearance) is valid for a period of three years. Any IDTANA member requiring to renew their Clearance, or make a new application, should contact Seán Hennigan, the CLRG Vetting Officer, at vetting@clrg.ie advising him of this and the appropriate Portal code will be issued for this process to be carried out, online.
  • In the event that member does not have use of or access to email / internet, it is strongly advised that he/she seeks out the use of such (trusted) facilities to enable this process to be carried out.
  • No paper transactions are possible.
  • Those teachers who have, as a result of their occupation or other activities with children or vulnerable persons, gone through an accredited screening process (which will have to be verified by presentation of documentary evidence) may not have to go through this process at this time, but should contact Seán Hennigan for clarification. 
  • Background Screening is now also available for IDTANA members in Canada and Mexico, access to these facilities through Sean, are again at vetting@clrg.ie