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Facility Usage Fee

A $100 daily Facility Usage Fee will be charged to any attendee to view the competitions that does not book within the contracted block. 

Booking individually, directly or through a travel agent will not meet this requirement, so please follow the above instructions when booking your guest room accommodations.

Please note that in order to to avoid the Facility Usage Fee penalty, you must book within the contracted North American Irish Dance Championships guest room block. If you book at a host hotel, but outside of the block through an online booking channel (AAA, Travelocity, etc), you will not be considered a part of the Irish dancing block and will be charged the Facility Usage Fee. 



FAQ’s on the Facility Usage Fee

Facility Usage Fee            

The $100 per person per day Facility Usage Fee will be charged to anyone (including dancers) not staying in the contracted North American Irish Dance Championships room block at the host hotels (families living in Orlando are exempt from this fee by showing an ID.)  Booking at the host hotel, but outside of the contracted block will not meet this criteria. In order to avoid the facility fee, one must book within the contracted North American Irish Dance Championships group block. 

This fee is necessary to ensure the event meets the hotel room numbers to cover the costs to host the Irish Dancing Championships.  This policy was put into place many years ago but, since many of your families may still have questions, please find some answers below that you might find helpful. 


Why don’t attendees who stay in the contracted block at the host hotels have to incur the Facility Usage Fee?

The success of the 2018 North American Irish Dancing Championships depends on the attendees using the contracted hotel blocks at the host hotels to offset the sizeable costs of producing this prestigious event.  IDTANA can’t meet contracted room obligations if attendees reserve rooms in non-contracted hotels and outside the contracted room blocks.  The risk of incurring monumental financial penalties (attrition fees) increases with each attendee who stays outside of the host hotel.  We hope that by completely waiving the Facility Usage Fee for onsite guests, attendees will choose to stay at the host hotel.


How did you decide to charge a Facility Usage Fee?

Substantial research, benchmarking, and investigation were done by other Organizations that started this policy for their events.  We closely followed the latest information on this subject and used the solutions and recommendations of many professional organizations and their leadership in the convention industry experiencing the same challenges. 


What is the reason the IDTANA is charged an attrition fee?

Attrition fees are not new.  Conferences and hotels have charged them for many years.  Attrition fees are applied when a conference group cannot fill 80% of the contracted number of rooms.  Good conference sites are in high demand and groups contract with their hotels 3 – 4 years in advance to ensure that a large enough venue can be secured. Attrition fees are compensation to the hotel for the rooms that might have been sold by the hotel had they not been held in reserve for our event.


How does IDTANA decide how many hotels rooms to book?

Future sleeping room estimates are based upon past registration figures, expected popularity of the site, and our best projections for attendance.  This is not an exact science.  Contractual flexibility is built into the contract so some adjustments to inventory can be made as the championship approaches.


Why is attrition an issue since it never surfaced in prior years?

Attrition has been an issue for many years.  Several of the regions have incurred major attrition penalties in the past.  The only way to insure that attrition risks are minimized is to explain the situation to the attendees so that they can understand their role in the success of this event.  By avoiding a financial crisis for the organization we can insure the viability of future Championships.


Will this pricing plan apply at future championships?

Yes. In these tough economic times this course of action is preferable to the alternative of increasing entry fee and door fees or reducing services such as prizes awarded. 


What if I find a less expensive hotel?

If you find a less expensive hotel rate, take care to compare it to the contracted hotel rates to insure that your expectations are met.  Remember to add the Facility Usage Fee for every member in your party to the rate of the hotel and daily parking charges to determine if it is truly economical to stay off site.  In addition, attendees who do not stay on site will not have access to a variety of social functions for host hotel guests.


What if I live in the Orlando area?

Local Orlando Schools will be providing a list of championship attendees.  Once identified these attendees will not be subject to the facility usage fee regardless of whether they stay on site or not.  These families will be asked to show an ID with their address the day they attend the Championship.


Are full-time residents of Florida required to pay the $100 per day facility usage fee to attend the championships if they do not stay in a hotel within the event block?

Florida residents:  As you have the option of staying in your own home, rather than a hotel, you do NOT need to stay in an official NAIDC hotel block, and you will NOT be charged the Facility Usage Fee.  You will be required to submit a wristband request form (when this form is made available to the public later this Spring) and you WILL need to show a valid Florida ID (e.g. driver’s license, college ID) at the NAIDC registration desk, for every ADULT in your family, to get your wristbands.   Children aged 17 and under, do not need an ID, as long as they are accompanied by a family member with a Florida ID.