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NAIDC Syllabus

The 2018 NAIDC Syllabus is available here.

You can find a printable 2018 NAIDC Day Schedule on the final page of the Syllabus. 

NAIDC Final Schedule

The final 2018 NAIDC Schedule is available here. This schedule includes competition times, ballrooms and which competitions split.


NAIDC A/B Split List

The NAIDC A/B Split List is now available -- please click here for an alphabetical list of all dancers in each split. 

NAIDC Day Schedule

Saturday, June 30th Sunday, July 1st Monday, July 2nd
Senior Ladies 22 & Over Girls Under 18 Girls Under 16
Ladies 20-22 Girls Under 17 Girls Under 15
Ladies Under 20 Boys Under 16 Boys Under 15
Ladies Under 19 Adult Ladies Ceili Boys Under 14
Senior Men 20 & Over Adult Mixed Ceili Mixed Figure Under 13
Men Under 20 Mixed Figure Under 16 Girls Figure Under 13
Men Under 19 Girls Figure Under 16 Mixed Ceili Under 13
Boys Under 18 Mixed Ceili 16 & Over Girls Ceili 16 & Over
Boys Under 17 Mixed Ceili Under 16 Girls Ceili Under 13
  Girls Ceili Under 16  
  Dance Drama  


Tuesday, July 3rd Wednesday, July 4th
Girls Under 14 Girls Under 12
Girls Under 13 Girls Under 11
Girls Under 10 Girls Under 9
Boys Under 13 Girls Under 8
Boys Under 12 Boys Under 11
Mixed Figure 16 & Over Boys Under 10
Girls Figure 16 & Over Boys Under 9
Mixed Ceili Under 9 Boys Under 8
Girls Ceili Under 11 Mixed Figure Under 11
Girls Ceili Under 9 Girls Figure Under 11
  Mixed Ceili Under 11


NOTE: This schedule shows the competitions that are tentatively scheduled for each day. This is NOT the actual order of competitions for that day. The committee reserves the right to change this tentative schedule at any time based on entries, etc. In addition, a more specific schedule  -- by time of day -- will be published once entries have been received and reviewed.