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IDTANA Traditional Set Proficiency Project 

The IDTANA Board is happy to announce the IDTANA Traditional Set Dance Proficiency Project for all IDTANA dancers!
The GOAL: Our GOAL is for dancers from IDTANA dancing schools to LEARN a Traditional Set Dance and be able to perform it accurately from beginning to end with music at the approved tempo.
The CHALLENGE: We CHALLENGE all dancers, regardless of training level or competitive level, to work with their dance teachers to learn one or MORE of the seven Traditional Set Dances to a level of proficiency. 
This is NOT a competition, and dancers will NOT be compared to one another!
Celebrating TRADITION: The IDTANA Traditional Set Proficiency Project is about celebrating tradition and having fun while doing so. IDTANA dancers will receive a certificate after demonstrating proficiency in a Traditional Set Dance. Any dancer who receives a certificate of proficiency in all seven Traditional Set Dances will then receive the Presidential Award for Proficiency+, signed by the IDTANA President, and will be featured in IDTANA publications.
IDTANA Teachers should contact the Traditional Set Proficiency Project to sign-up for more information.
How do I get started? Interested dancers should reach out to their dance teacher for additional details.
Heavy shoes on, let's get started!

Celebrating Tradition!

  • The primary goal of IDTANA is "to promulgate the culture generated by Irish dancing.
  • "One of the most important components of Irish Dance is the group of dances known as the Traditional Set Dances.Traditional Set Dances are a major part of the overall history of our treasured art form.
  • They were created by a variety of dance masters over a period of many years to showcase skill sets that represent most of the building blocks of hard shoe dancing, which is so important in our unique art form.
  • Although contemporary choreography in hard shoe dances includes a great many additional skills and techniques, the basic elements of the seven traditional set dances help dancers to perform all hard shoe dances with more precise execution and greater rhythmic accuracy.