Cyril McNiff Memorial Scholarship Program

For 2022, scholarships will be awarded to two different groups of applicants:

  • high school seniors graduating in Spring, and  
  • college students who are enrolled in a two-year or four-year undergraduate college program and who will still be enrolled during the following school year.

There is a detailed on-line process for submitting applications for consideration.

In order to submit an application, applicants must:

  • meet minimum academic criteria in their academic transcripts,
  • submit an official application form, and
  • provide required transcripts, other academic information, and all required documentation/paperwork by a stated deadline. 

Each year, usually in the Fall, the IDTANA Scholarship Committee provides a link to an application form, which also contains detailed information about the application process and timelines.  Click here for additional information.  It is also forwarded to all IDTANA members for distribution to their dancers. Scholarship program applicants submit a Round 1 application including demographic information, transcript, test scores, and resume. The deadline for Round 1 applications for this year is January 15, 2022.

All applications receive an in-depth review and evaluation.  A percentage of the applications are then advanced to a semi-final level, where they submit additional required paperwork (including personal essays).  A rigorous review process determines which of the semi-final applicants are then awarded scholarships.  Scholarship winners are officially announced and presented to the public one night before the awards ceremony at the North American Championships.  They are also publicized on the IDTANA website and in other media.